Friday, December 28, 2007

What should the future hold?

First, let me get my bias right in front of you: I am an Ex-Pakistani. I left Pakistan over 22 years ago and frankly, until recently, have not thought about the place at all. I sill crave the food and some friends but not much else. I left because after years of working for Jamaat-e-Islami / Jameeat Tulba ul Islam, (I am related to some “top dogs” in these organizations) I could no longer stand the exploitation of the poor, uneducated and deprived by the religious and political leaders. I could have stayed and built a future selling salvation like my relatives are doing up to this day, but I wanted to do more with my life. You see, unlike my relatives, I only have one life; no after life or eternal life for me; so I wanted to make the best of this one. So, now we all know my bias.

Now for the reasonable part:

How do we judge a theory? We do that by conducting careful experiments and by carefully and objectively evaluating the results. We let things percolate for a reasonable time and see if the derivative product or phenomenon supports the initial hypothesis.

So, after thousands of years of a very successful enterprise, when the people of the Sub-Continent for various reasons, succumbed to the abhorrent British Raj, some people, in order to unite the masses, floated a theory; the “two nation theory”; an artificial divide, based solely on religion; quick way to unite the poor and uneducated; sign up now and be rewarded in the eternal life.

Forget that there is no genetic or national or ancestral or cultural or biological or any other conceivable difference between the members of the two “nations”. Just that one’s god is better than the other’s god.

The people did bite on the idea, divided up the land; killed their neighbors and raped the little girls who grew up with them in the houses next door; marched on to salvation. They now had the Land of the Pure; they had a place where brothers and sisters from next door could not enter; they had a place where they could teach their young which hand to use to wipe themselves after going potty; they had a place where they could tell their pretty little daughters that they were napaak because they menstruated; they had a place where they could tell definitively how long a beard was required to get into heaven; their lord had truly blessed them. Which blessings of your lord will you deny? (Fa bay aayee aalaa ye rubbay kuma tokaazzi baan)

Fast forward to now; this “two nation” experiment has been percolating for over sixty years. Two parallel experiments: one religious and one secular; side by side. It is time to announce the results.

Let’s look at India: secular; with its problems; killed a lot of great leaders like Ghandi, et all; riots; religious calashes; but an overwhelming nationalistic attitude. The national focus is not salvation but betterment of human life in the here and now; one of the fastest growing economies; still has a lot of poverty but poised to lead the world as super power in 50 to 100 years.

Let’s look at Pakistan: founded on religion; losing industry; manufacturing in decline; not attracting foreign investments; under a dictatorship for majority of its existence. Which blessings of your lord will you deny?

From people perspective, there is no difference between India and Pakistan. They are the same people; they share common ancestry; they look the same; they share the same genes; they are brothers and sisters. The only difference is the artificial divide based upon the “two nation” theory.

Friends, the two nation theory has failed; it is time to take the land back from the molvis and mullahs. Let’s not quibble over which hand to use to wipe yourself after you poop or which prayer to say when you take a step or other religious trivialities. Do something to fix the here and now; look to fix the future on earth. Even major religious icons did not wait for the hoors in jannat; they took young wives in the here and now; there here and now was better than yours.

It is time that all reasonable people, after witnessing the failure of the two nation theory, which has divided artificially the brilliant and wonderful people of the great Sub-Continent, to rise and take the land and its people back to its glory days. The days before the artificial divide; the days when neighbors were neighbors who loved each other; the days when you played with the little boys and girls next door because you loved them for what they were, not because they used the same hand to wipe themselves as you did; the days when the focus was on making the Country and its people great and was not on seeking salvation;the days when the poor and the uneducated had a future that would take them out of poverty and misery and not throw them back in the abyss of hopelessness thereby driving them into perpetual despair leading them to strap bombs on themselves, killing the wonderful men, women and children people who could make this a great land.

It is time to end the artificial divide. Get up and do you part.

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Interesting blog. Not many ex-converts doing linen. Have you renounced your citizenship ?